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We are a Roman Catholic Religious Congregation of nearly three thousand members, founded in 1703. Our missions are spread worldwide. While we may be found involved in many diverse ministries, we have dedicated ourselves to working with the poor and in those situations where the Church has difficulty in finding ministers.

One Heart. One Spirit.

  • We seek first to allow the Spirit to transform us in our heart and soul
  • We are open to the Spirit alive in others
  • We go and share the Spirit wherever people are suffering

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21 August in Spiritan Anniversaries

Reunion 1824: Nicolas Warnet, the future 8th Superior General of the Spiritans, is sent to work in Saint-Denis; amongst the children in the catechism class, he notices young Frédéric Le Vavasseur whom he prepares for first communion. The mutual friendship and esteem between these two men will help to facili-tate the unification of the two Congregations.

South Africa 1924: Arrival of the first group of Spiri-tans in Kroonstad.

France 1961: The death of Père Adolphe Cabon, the archivist of the Congregation. Between 1929 and 1956, he published the collection of “Notes et Docu-ments relatifs ˆ la Vie et ˆ l’Oeuvre du Vénérable François Marie-Paul Libermann” – 13 volumes and 3 supplements, an essential source for our knowledge of Père Libermann.

Guinée Bissau 1969: The Spiritans in Dakar, Senegal, start a centre for the Mandjaque people who have come to the city. This eventually results in the founding of sta-tions at Bajob (1979) and Caio (1988) in Mandjaque country in Guinée Bissau. Later, the Spiritans will take on a parish in the outskirts of the capital, Bissau.