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We are a Roman Catholic Religious Congregation of nearly three thousand members, founded in 1703. Our missions are spread worldwide. While we may be found involved in many diverse ministries, we have dedicated ourselves to working with the poor and in those situations where the Church has difficulty in finding ministers.

One Heart. One Spirit.

  • We seek first to allow the Spirit to transform us in our heart and soul
  • We are open to the Spirit alive in others
  • We go and share the Spirit wherever people are suffering

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23 September in Spiritan Anniversaries

Netherlands 1943: The area of Doumé in the east of Cameroon is confided to the Dutch Province; it be-comes a new district, separated from Yaoundé. The first superior is Fr. Jacques Teerenstra, later to be-come the first Vicar Apostolic of Doumé in 1949.

Netherlands 1957: A seminary for late vocations opens at Hettem.

Haiti 1969: At the request of the Superior General, Père Joseph Lécuyer, all 20 Spiritans leave the country.

Central African Foundation 1978: The first 3 novices make profession at Yaoundé

Poland Sept. 1983: The noviciate is moved from Bydgoszcz to Chelmszczonka.