Pope Francis has appointed the Spiritan Fr. Altevir da Silva as Bishop of Cametá, in the Brazilian state of Pará. Fr. Altevir is the Superior of the Spiritan Province of Brazil.

Born on the 30th of November 1962, in Guarajá, Amazon, he started his formation with the Spiritans in 1980. He was the first seminarian in Cruzeiro do Sul. he studied philosophy in Manaus and theology in São Paulo. After a missionary experience in Nigeria, between 1990 and 1991, was ordained a priest in 1992, in Cruzeiro do Sul, state of Acre.

He worked on pastoral services in Belo Horizonte and Vilhena, between 1993 and 2002. Worked in the formation with the Philosophy and Theology students at the Laval community, in São Paulo, from 2002 and 2008. Between 2007 and 2012 served as executive secretary of the Episcopal Commission for Mission and Interdenominational Cooperation of the Bishops Conference of Brazil (CNBB).

In 2012 was elected superior of the Spiritan Province of Brazil, and reelected for the same mission in 2015, with a mandate until the 2nd of February 2018.

As we pray the novena of Poullart des Places, we ask the Lord to continue blessing our brother with the same gifts of wisdom and discernment He gave to our founder.




  1. hello,much congratulation for good work you normarlly offer world wide.Secondly,how can someone join you if has a passion for serving.Mathew Muthoka,Nrb-KENYA.Thanks

    • Hi. Thank you.
      In order to join, someone should contact the spiritans in the region where he lives.
      Kenya is one of the countries were we serve.

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